Rappin’ Legal Knowledge

Yo, listen up, I got some knowledge to drop
From certified legal admin to hunting hours, I won’t stop
Let’s break it down from the top to the bottom
Legal overhang, tax service fee, and even a little rap rhythm
First up, let’s talk about the certified legal administrator
Get expert training and certification, reach new heights, be the headliner
Next, when you’re in NY, know the legal hunting hours
Regulations and restrictions, stay legal and hunt with power
Now for the big question, how much is a tax service fee
Find out here, no surprises, keep it all clear to see
Rules of human nature, know the number of pages
Essential wisdom, learn, grow, and expand through the ages
Legal expenses insurance, compare for the best coverage
Protect yourself and your business, don’t leave anything to chance
Then we’ve got to define agreement in contract law
Lay it all out, make sure everything’s legit and without a flaw
Disaster operations, essential guidelines for legal professionals
Be prepared, know the law, and be ready to stand tall
Last but not least, shell companies in India
Are they legal? What’s the deal? Understand it all and find your peace of mind
That’s a wrap, folks, on this legal rap
Keep learning and growing, and always stay on the right track
And if you want to know about compass rules
Get the legal standards and compliance, make sure you never lack