Rap Battle: SBA, Legal Fees, and Motorcycle Agreements!

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Florida PLLC Requirements Motorcycle Payment Agreement Hard Copy Legal Size
Texas Mask Mandate Law Northern Ireland Laws Cyber Law Course Eligibility
Standard Contractual Clauses vs Privacy Shield

Hey, hey, hey, come and gather ’round
We’re gonna talk about legal stuff that’s bound to astound
From SBA size standards to motorcycle agreements
And whether you can deduct legal fees from your tax arrangements
(Click here to learn more about SBA size standards)
(And don’t forget to check out this motorcycle payment agreement for your ride)
But hold on a second, let’s talk about hard copy legal size
And whether Texas mask mandates are something to despise
(Check out the details of the Texas mask mandate law here)
And how Northern Ireland laws differ from those in the UK
(Learn more about the differences in Northern Ireland laws here)
Then there’s cyber law course eligibility, can you take the heat?
And the standard contractual clauses vs privacy shield beat
(Get the lowdown on standard contractual clauses vs privacy shield here)
So when it comes to legal jargon and all that you dread
Remember there’s always help and knowledge to spread
(For expert advice on deducting legal fees from your taxes, click here)
And don’t forget to stay informed about your business size
‘Cause with the right information, you’re sure to rise